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***Please note that I am currently relocating from Austin Texas to Brooklyn as of March 2018***

Guest spots, upcoming cancellations, and open time slots will be posted through @leslie.karin on Instagram - if you're looking for bookings over April-June, please check there or email for availability.


I do my best to respond to emails within a week, but responses can sometimes take 2-3 weeks depending on current message volume and travel dates. Your patience is deeply appreciated and I look forward to helping!

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Leslie Karin


Leslie Karin Kneisel is an illustrative artist located in Brooklyn, New York. From an East Coast childhood spent making imaginary potions out of local plant life, collecting stones, bones, and other small treasures, and retreating alone into forests, Leslie grew up with a deep reverence for nature and its quiet mysticism.

Now as a multi-format maker, Leslie seeks to impart a sense of powerful natural magic into tattooing, fine illustration, and handcrafted objects. She is well-versed illustrator and craftsperson, with a background in product design and branding, online and face-to-face art sales, and design commissions. 

Currently working guest spots in the New York / New Jersey area, Leslie sees a wide scope of friends and clients from all walks of life.