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***Please note that I am currently relocating from Austin Texas to Brooklyn as of March 2018***

Guest spots, upcoming cancellations, and open time slots will be posted through @leslie.karin on Instagram - if you're looking for bookings over April-June, please check there or email for availability.


I do my best to respond to emails within a week, but responses can sometimes take 2-3 weeks depending on current message volume and travel dates. Your patience is deeply appreciated and I look forward to helping!

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January Flash

The following drawings will be available for January tattoo bookings - each is a one-off design and will become unavailable once someone has put down a date & deposit for the design. When submitting a form, please give me both the description and number of the drawing you’re interested in!

Some come with size requirements - please check against a ruler to make sure we’re on the same page. Thank you!!